Sierra Leone’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Henry Musa Kpaka has showcased Sierra Leone’s FEED SALONE strategy at the Africa Food Systems Forum (AGRF) in Dar es Salaam.

The minister maintained that the five years Presidential initiative will ignite agricultural productivity, safeguard food security, and foster inclusive economic growth, by laying the foundation for sustained prosperity, adding that, as a government they are ready and have put mechanisms in place to ensure that  the vision of the president is achieved and get the people of the country satisfied.

He added that, Sierra Leone through President Bio has breathe life into the youthful generation and that is positively yielding dividend as they are ready to work as appointed servants for the nation. “In Dar es Salaam at the AGRF2023 representing Sierra Leone and selling President Bio’s FEED SALONE agenda. The youthful leadership from Sierra Leone is refreshing on the global stage.