After several discussions and deliberations within the Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards Committee, the team from a long list of nominees of about a 120 has narrowed to a list of 40 Service Providers as winners of this year’s Awards – 5th Edition 2022.This happened a week with panel review and vetting of all impact assessment Reports of 120 Nominee’s.

Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation Executive Director- Amb. Unisa Totti Fofanah upon receiving the list has confirmed to fastly move forward to the next stage of it’s preparations and coordinations of the event by commencing it official communication to the 40 selected winner’s of this year’s awards in a two page letter for each winner starting the 15th October, 2022.

The list that was submitted on the 1st October has been forwarded to the company working on the awards in China for the factory inscription of the names of winner’s and their categories. As the lead implementing organization- Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation, the foundation is pleased with the just concluded selection of 40 Service Providers taking in to consideration the outcome of the impact assessment that gives the edge to reach at a geninue selection of our proud awaiting awardees.

Amb. Unisa Totti Fofanah on behalf of the entire membership of the organization registered his sincere thanks and appreciation to all the committee members for a job well done. Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards committee is a composition of five (5) personalities from different work background.

The body expressed ecstasy that they have willingly and undoubtedly dedicated their time to support the process of their citizens’ recognition by vetting one hundred and twenty (120) service providers who were nominated for the 5th edition of Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards 2022.

The work of the committee was to thoroughly look in to the completed impact assessment and anything possible that will ensure a bias free and independent selection of Forty (40) Service Providers that will receive the 2022 prestigious awards slated on Saturday 10th December in Port Loko City.

The public will recall that the Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation was inviting public nominations from July to September, 2022 through online and hardcopy forms in 40 advertised categories of the award. Over 500 individuals and institutions were nominated across the country.

During this process, the first three nominee’s from each category were selected, and that gave a total of one hundred and twenty service providers who were subjected to a thrilling impact assessment by the secretariat.

“Today, we are over excited to see the conclusion of one among the most difficult stages of the awards process- the selection of winner’s. As organizers, we are grateful to the committee for the timely submission of a list of 40 Service Providers that will be honoured with customized Gold Trophies on the date scheduled above,” the team mentioned.

Working within the ambit of credibility professionalism and sustainability, the team affirmed that they are of the strongest conviction that they are using the most appropriate ways of awarding Service Providers who are doing extremely well in their fields or respective offices, and by doing so gives a true definition of an award, that it is something that should be given on geninue basis and on merit basis.

“Our steps from public nominations, sorting of nominees by categories, impact assessment, panel vetting and reviewing of all assessment reports for the selection of winner’s is the right way to go. We are investing a huge time on such processes because we always want to be sure to an advantage of been able to analyze the level of impacts done by every Service Provider we annually bring forward for the prestigious honour of the Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards,” Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation maintained.

The Awards can only be coffered upon individuals and institutions for what they have exceptionally contributed to humanity & societal development. BBHF strives to celebrate and recognize people when they are alive and that is why team is undoubtedly the leading Service Providers Awards in Sierra Leone.

In the Ambassador concluding statement, he expressed his thanks and appreciations to the committee and congratulated the 40 selected winners of the year’s Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation Awards night. Among the 40 winners, 20 were from the northwest regional level and 20 at the national level.