The newly built ultra-modern, Lungi International Airport will be officially commissioned today by the President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio.

This is a US$270 million build, operate, and transfer project between the private Turkish Summa Group and the Government of Sierra Leone. The Turkish Company will take over the management of the Freetown International Airport for the next 25-30 years until they recoup their $270 Million investment.

This new international airport will replace the derelict Lungi International Airport which was built by the British Colonial masters in 1945 during the Second World War.

The new airport is fitted with facilities such as; quay space, cranes, airfield ramp access, temporary storage sheds, customs offices, transport services, clearing and forwarding services, adequate security and cargo inspection facilities as specified in Section 7(4) of the Customs Act 2011, to enable customs to handle volumes of trade and passenger traffic and the collection of the much-needed revenue.


1. Customs Offices – for outbound passengers- to enable customs witness scanning of baggage by Aviation Security to curb smuggling.

2. Customs Offices – for inbound passengers. To enable customs to scan and inspect baggage, assess declarations, conduct preliminary investigations, store intercepted goods, and office for Customs Management.

3. Customs Offices – for Air-freighted Cargo – Import which is located within the Cargo Terminal. Scanners and x-ray facilities, Cold rooms/ storage facilities for refrigerated goods as well as a Mortuary for Human Remains.

4. Clearing and Forwarding Office – For customs Brokers in the Cargo Terminal also found within the cargo terminal.

According to SUMMA Construction Company, the New Lungi International Airport will turn over a passenger volume of over 1.2 million passengers a year.