Leading GSM operator in the country, Airtel, Thursday launched its latest product, Airtel Bomba Millionaire Reloaded, at its Hill Station headquarters.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Airtel Marketing Director, Patrick Caulker, said their customers were aware that the company always gives out a complete range of products and services.

He furthered that Airtel is not only here to make money but has also been fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, as they have always stood by the people of Sierra Leone in thick and thin, especially during the civil war and Ebola outbreak.

He disclosed that the promotion will create 1,200 Bomba Millionaires in 60 days as a Christmas gift to their customers who have been affected by the Ebola outbreak.

Deputy Minister of Information, Theo Nicole, expressed happiness to launch yet another Airtel product.

He maintained that that is why he has always been supporting the company because they have been proving their worth, including the making of 1,200 millionaires in 60 days.

He also spoke about the fulfillment of the company’s corporate social responsibility including the adoption of schools, promotion of grassroots football and the fight against Ebola, among other interventions.

The Deputy Minister described this year’s Christmas as a “Bomba Christmas” because of the end of Ebola and the making of 1,200 millionaires.

Mr. Nicole disclosed that Airtel is the biggest tax payer institution in the country, paying more tax than the mining and agriculture sectors combined.

Abibatu Junisa in explaining the mechanics of the promotion recalled that in June this year the maiden edition of the Bomba Millionaire made 1,200 millionaires in 60 days leading to the grand draw of Le 100 million, which was won by one Mamadu Jalloh, a resident of Makeni.

She said the company thought it fit to reload the Bomba Millionaire promotion as a Christmas gift for its subscribers now that the country is free from Ebola.

She assured that this time the promotion will touch the lives of 1,200 plus Sierra Leoneans in 60 days with a total amount of cash prize to be won – Le 1.5 billion.

Madam Junisa also stated that this time round Airtel has made provision for its post-paid customers to take part in the promotion which will automatically qualify them for the draw for usage of any amount.

She furthered that for pre-paid subscribers, all they have to do is recharge through scratched card, Voucher and Airtel Money of any amount and use it for automatic qualification into the draw.

For the daily draws, she said there would be 20 winners winning Le 1 million each; for the weekly draws – 3 winners will take home Le 5 million; and up for grabs at the grand draw is Le 200 million.

The first draw will be held this Sunday and members of the public are advised to stay glued to their TV sets on SLBC, AVY and Star TV and tune to any local radio station from 10: 00 pm to 11: 00 pm.

Winners will receive their money instantly through Airtel Money.