The Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), together with the works contractor, MARIPOMA Enterprise, and the consulting engineer, Sabbour Consulting has visited locations along the Kpetema-Mattru Jong Road to identify suitable areas for the erection of camp and quarry sites to start the reconstruction of the Road.

MARIPOMA Enterprise was awarded the contract for the reconstruction of the Kpetema – Mattru Jong Road (42.5km) in May 2022 after it emerged as the most responsive bidder in an international competitive bidding conducted by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Arab Bank for Economic Development (BADEA).

During the visit, the team identified locations in Kpetema and Bellebu for the quarry sites and Kaniya Village for the construction of a campsite. SLRA will further engage the landowning families to enter into formal agreements for the lease and sale of the identified locations.

The works contractor and consulting engineer will establish a temporary office and works yard near the project site to mobilize personnel and equipment while the construction of the quarry and campsites is being done.