Popular R&B singer of Dry Eye Crew, Aklass Sandi popular known as Aklass has reacted to the controversial issue that happened between Boss LA and an iPhone 12 pro max owner, which landed the popular rapper and CEO of Red Flag muzik in police custody for a night.

The singer condemned the way and manner the police arrested king boss LA and called the owner of the iPhone to contact him for an iPhone 13 pro max instead of iPhone 12 pro max.

According to Aklass, he saw the arrest as being disrespectful and annoying to the extent the rapper being forcefully dragged to the police station for just a simple iPhone 12 pro max. In law, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The singer expected that the rapper would have treated as being innocent before the law finds him guilty rather than dragging and molesting him in public.

On her Facebook post, he wrote:

“Soooo  f****** disrespectful and annoying .. how the hell you call for an arrest on a whole public figure just for simple iPhone?? , who is the victim pls tell them to reach out  .leh ar gee am address were he or she can pickup a brand new 13 pro max twwww wi fucking Taya with dis molestation N disrespect na dis industry ”  # una mak ar weak 🤦‍♂️”