The Trans-National Organized Crime Unit (TOCU), which is based at one of the outskirts of Freetown, to be precise Hastings, is currently conducting investigation into a matter of alleged fraud in which it is said QNET International is involved.

This investigation came in the heels of complaints made by some Sierra Leoneans, who are presently stranded at Lungi after they were scammed monies they paid ranging from eight million to thirteen million Leones each on the pretext of taking them to Malaysia to pursue higher education and to do menial jobs.

One of the victims by the name of Hawa Sannoh, in explaining her ordeal said one Foday Jayah, convinced them about the authenticity of the program adding how they then travelled to Lungi where they paid the money at the QNET International branch office to one Mr Maadason Vao, in the company of some of his colleagues.

She continued that they were informed that they would be recruited to sell food supplements which, according to her they detested and requested for a refund of their monies a situation that degenerated into a bitter argument and as a result the workers then invited police personnel to caution them.

After preliminary investigation by a Police Officer, just known by the name of Conteh, whom they accused of taking side, she said the matter was transferred to Hastings.

According to her, twenty-two (22) of them were arrested with some of their properties including vehicle, money, machines and many more, adding that they were later released on bail.

Hawa continued that since there has been no headway in the matter as another Police Officer by the name of Kemokai, left them incommunicado.

She further alleged that the company has also stopped caring for them since they arrived at Lungi  about three months ago adding how they are finding it difficult to survive or pay transport fare to the city where the matter is being investigated.

She further revealed that they have also intimated Francis Ben Kaifala who has promised meeting with them.

“Our parents sold all their properties, including plantations, land etc for us to travel to Malaysi

for a better future and now that it has turned out to be fake, we can’t go back without our monies,” she lamented.

Maadason Vao and colleagues denied the allegations and refused speaking with this journalist further.

According to Conteh who started the investigation at Lungi but has now been transferred to Daru, the matter was investigated and that he was told that the arrangement was not geared for travelling overseas but for the buying of products on behalf of the company. He said documents are to the effect further asserting that the victims may have signed the documents without knowing the contents.

He stressed that there is no record to show they were promised that the company will take them abroad further disclosing that because of the amount involved, which is Le140, 000,000.00 he decided to transfer the matter to TOCU.

The Investigating Officer at TOCU, Kemokai, revealed that the file has been sent for advice and the suspects were granted bail.

The victims have requested Government’s intervention claiming that they have evidences against the company.