Prominent Sierra Leonean singer and songwriter Alonzo Teah Abasi stage named Alonzo has on Saturday with social media influencer and host Sarah Kallay spilled out his taken to the Ambassadorial endorsement in the entertainment industry.

The celebrity hosted at the Sarah Kallay spill it show disclosed how he viewed and foresaw the entertainment industry of Sierra Leone with such endorsement position to a Sierra Leonean that will intermediate between the government and the entertainment industry.

“…The whole Entertainment Ambassador thing at first was a brilliant idea, the people who made appointment…” Alonzo said.

He continued that whosoever must have had this thought and those that implemented it must have had the entertainment industry at heart. This in his own words said “those who made the appointment at first was a brilliant idea and it showed that they cared.”

He affirmed that hearing the news and the appointment gave entertainers hope as they know they have someone who will represent them anywhere, someone who will solicit good things for the industry, someone who will be as an intermediary between the State and the Government.

He added that, there high hope had long went down owing to the fact that what they have anticipated is different from what they have seen the ambassador of Entertainment (Kao Denero) doing.

“Come on, you are heading a whole entertainment industry of a country and that means you should be accountable for whatever you are doing. You should not run the affairs of the industry like your personal show that you decide and run the way you want it…” Alonzo vexed anger at the current ambassador of entertainment.

Knowing that the Kao Denero has been doing his moves in the industry, Alonzo commended the ambassador for his effort since he took his mantle of office but added that the responsibility is huge and the ambassador should buckle up.

In his concluding statements, Alonzo affirmed that he knew over the years there have been some differences between acts before Kao took his office as ambassador. As a result of that, many are yet to fully ready to work with the ambassador and this is one of the drawbacks the industry faces.

He added that, the only way he thinks and believes the entertainment sector will thrive is bringing all entertainers together regardless of our differences and work for an objective.

“The only way the entertainment sector wil thrive is by putting our differences aside and come together. Nothing will work of that is not achieved” he disclosed.

Alonzo finally drew the attention of the ambassador to always expect criticism and accept them and continue to work for the great good. This he said because being a leader or an influencer means you face criticisms regularly and many the ambassador should ignore. He added that the ambassadorial deal is Kao’s calling and he has answered to the call which means he should expect criticism but should ignore and work for the greater good of all.