Presidential Spokesman, Alhaji Alpha Kanu has said that he will make sure that President Bio’s policies and wishes for the development of Sierra Leone succeeds.

He made this assertion on AYV’s ‘Hot Seat’ program when speaking on his appointment as spokesman to the president of Sierra Leone, Dr Julius Maada Bio.

Speaking with AYV’s Amadu Lamrana Bah, Alhaji Alpha Kanu described his appointment as spokesman of the President as a government’s appointment to serve the people, stressing that it was not an SLPP appointment.

“me being appointed by president Bio as his spokesman was not an SLPP appointment but a government’s appointment. I am still with the APC, I have not resigned neither have I been sacked from the party” Alpha Khan stated.

Being that he is still claiming to be with the APC party and at the same time a mouthpiece for the head of the SLPP, Presenter Bah asked if he would campaign to the people to vote in president Bio instead of a candidate from his party.

In his response, he stated that when the time arise he will asked the people to choose the leader they already know which is president Bio.

“yes, better is the devil that you know than the angel you don’t know. President Bio is a good leader and a Godly man.”

The discussion got more interesting when Amadu Bah inquired how Alpha Khan felt that his party was accused by the President of being responsible for the violent insurrection as the President puts it.

He responded that the president has big ears and that he knows more than the ordinary man so if he said some of the APC members were behind it, he had a good reason for that.

He added that President Bio has knowledge of insurrection so he knows one when he sees it.

To rap up the Program Amadu Lamrana’s asked what Alpha Khan meant by a native song he had sang on a recent AYV TV program, He responded by informing that the song means ‘one should choose those who chooses them’.

Having said that, he disclosed that president Bio took him, cleaned him and gave him a position when the APC had deserted him and that is why he has chosen to be with President Bio.

He concluded that he will continue to make sure president Bio succeeds in his mission to develop Sierra Leone even if he has to join  the SLPP to make that happen.