Kao Denero has on the 24th March, 2023 in a live Facebook video responded to the rumours making rounds about a list of entertainers to take part in an event in America.

This came about following the accusation and rumours making rounds on social media recently about the entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero over a 13 name list he submitted including his 6years old daughter as part of the delegation with a government service passport to attend the event in America.

Respobding to the rumors, he said, he has seen so much drama on the social media as people keep celebrating and that he wants to make things clearer on the issue.

In his statement, he said: ‘’ if I want to go to America today, I will go and I will be in New York the next day’’. He said.

‘’ Boss La falls in trouble all the times while I remain innocent doing my things, because I don’t believe in violence or disturbing other people. LAJ and I are not twins we are just doing music together. People keep asking of why I am not concerned about his issue, LAJ has long distanced himself from the office of the entertainment Ambassador and said that, he does not recognise the Office of the Ambassador in any form, he does not need my help and why are you recognising this office now that he is in trouble?’’ he added.

On the issue of the visa rumour making the rounds on social media he said, everyone is grumbling that, he included his daughters name but has not found out how he got the opportunity in the first place.

‘’ I went to America and people whom I know personally, my own partners, which is not even associated to the office of the entertainment Ambassador, they sent me an official invitation. If I was selfish I would have just made it for myself , my daughter and younger brother. But I decided extending it to other musicians, comedians and DJs and yet you said I am selfish. I am into entertainment and investment; I have partners in the investment sector. Is it a crime to help people?’’ he maintained.

Watch  video below: