Mayor of the Freetown City Council, Yvonne Aki-sawyerr OBE, Councillors and FCC staff have visited one of the flooded  areas in Freetown, Culvert and Kroo Bay communities.

Among the fortunate areas that benefited from the FCC flood mitigation project, Culvert and Kroo Bay communities were not included in the project. This according to the mayor was as a result of financial constraints. Despite the both the communities excluded from benefiting from the project, Yvonne Aki-sawyerr said she was pleased to have found that, the flood mitigation project was successful even though she was again burden by the news cycling social media of flooding on other danger zones in Freetown.

Visiting one of the danger zones in Freetown, Mayor Aki-sawyerr disclosed it was interesting to hear residents themselves explained that flooding was exacerbated by the effects of deforestation (silt running down from the hills) and the construction of properties in waterways.

Since deforestation is one of the key reasons to many floodings in Freetown, Mayor concluded that the FreetownTheTreeTown project continues with the replanting of 50,000 trees just completed and the planting of 100,000 new trees underway.