The 21 man committee of the All People’s Congress APC party has concluded a week review. The purpose of the review is to highlight their archievements and plans for the future. The committee gives a full detail of the event starting from Tuesday 31st may to Friday 4th June 2022.

On Tuesday the 31st of May 2022, the committee of 21 held a brief meeting with the ICT department of the party to update the committee on issues relation to membership cards, registration process for voting in lower level elections, upgrading of membership status and the membership database of the party. Upgrading the membership cards of those who have been holding membership cards post 2017 after the delimitation.

The brief meeting with members of COPPP was to discuss the irregularities surrounding the government 2021 census and what should be the stand of all political parties regarding the result of the census. Again, the representative of PMDC suggested that the APC declines from the lower level elections in Kenema for the PMDC of which the APC 21 man did not give any respond or agreed on the said suggestions. The committee of 21 resolved with members of COPPP that they shall put out their position papers on the irregularities surrounding the 2021 census.

Stakeholders Meeting: On the area of the stakeholders meeting, for the first time since the party lost the general elections in 2018, The 21 Man Committee under the leadership of Alfred Peter Conteh brought together senior members of the APC party including but not limited to former and current members of Parliament, former Ministers, Mayors, Councillors, former executives, former flag bearer aspirants and many other senior members of the APC. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss peace and unity among members of the APC, to also announce to the general membership of the party of the stands of the Committee of 21 regarding the irregularities surrounding the government 2021 census, and the intimidation of the Mayor of Freetown. Just after the general stakeholders meeting, the committee held a special meeting with former flag bearers and other senior members at the APC Solidarity Hall Secretariat office where pledges were made by Sam Sumana, Logus Koroma, Chief Thonkla Bangura, Minkailu Koroma, Kadiatu Kamara and many other members present in the special meeting.

Representatives of the Sam Sumana Group presented Sam Sumana’s One Hundred Million Leones he pledges on Tuesday during the special stakeholders meeting inside the APC Solidarity Hall. The committee of 21 meet on Wednesday June 1st to complete the final draft of the rules and regulations governing the lower level elections of the party. The committee held serious deliberations of the rules and regulations ranging from issues of membership irregularities to that of people holding fake cards and the printing of membership cards by some unscrupulous individuals. Some members suggested for an open primaries while others asked that they go according to the May 7 2022 Constitution. In conclusion, a voting by the committee was done and the committee agreed to go by the provision of the May 7 2022 constitution whereby it is agreed that members eligibility to vote, such member must have been a fully paid up member for the period of one year and some other requirements that may qualify a member to contest for positions in the party.

Handing over of Ten Bags of Rice and Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Leones to Members of the 21 Man Committee by the Sam Sumana Group for Workers working in the Party office.

The committee of 21 meets at the party office to proofread and finalize the printing of the rules and regulations governing the lower level elections and to submit to the Political Party Registration Commission. At around 15:40 of Thursday 2nd 2022, The Chairman alongside  the secretary and some members for the committee submitted the rules and regulations governing the lower level elections to one of the commissioners at the PPRC’s conference room Towerhill Freetown.