Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC) have listed a set of criteria for members in the diaspora who wish to participate in their upcoming conventions.

The Party noted that the criteria are as a result of directions prescribed by Justice Adrian Fisher in November last year which gave the IGTC the permission to set-up of a five-man subcommittee to address all membership issues in accordance with the party’s constitution of 2022.

The Public notice listed five criteria for its diaspora members for wish to vote or be voted for.

The notice admonished members that they must be registered and be fully paid up at their branch or chapter for them to be eligible to be voted for. It added that members who wish only to partake in the voting process must be registered at their branch or chapter added with a minimum of a year subscription.

The party also notes that members already registered in Freetown but now reside in the diaspora must register with the diaspora branch or chapter in order for them to partake in the election process.

The IGTC also beckon diaspora branches to send 50 percent of all proceeds to the party headquarters by Thursday this week and also send a copy of all registered members before their various conventions.