The Secretary General of the Interim Transition and Government Committee (ITGC) of the All People’s Congress (APC), Abdul Kargbo has announced this morning that they are working with police to see that the party’s delegates’ conference goes on as planned.

I’ve just had an engagement with the Police. Whilst the TIIEMC conducts our NDC, Comrades are advised to respect the law. No Masquerade/Secret Societies, no provocative statements or Music, no insulting words, no hate speech, no fighting…Violators will be personally held responsible,” Kargbo wrote on Twitter this morning.

The main opposition party in Sierra Leone, APC is currently holding its National Delegates Conference in Makeni.

The members of the party will have a chance to vote for leaders in various categories including the party’s presidential candidate for the June 2023 elections.

Earlier, there were uncertainties about the conference after Justice Hannah Bonnie slammed an interim injunction against it.

The judge’s decision was precipitated by an application filed by party member, Francis Kai Gbondo seeking for the court to bar persons of interest in the Commissions of Inquiry (COI) from contesting for party positions at the conference.

Late Friday Afternoon, the APC received a go-ahead to carry on with the delegates’ conference.