Former All People’s Congress Member of Parliament who represented Constituency 131 (Aberdeen and Murray town), Hon. Charles Johnson has reportedly fled the jurisdictions of Sierra Leone.

Equity Newspaper reports He also served as councilor for Aberdeen before his election in 2012. “Jonson,” as he is fondly called, disappeared after it was revealed that he has sexually penetrated a fourteen-year-old girl. The girl is the daughter of one of his tenants.

According to firsthand reports, the child’s parents had observed that she had been unhappy and that there were changes in the way she walked. Worrying them, they tried to know from the child why her countenance and walking had changed. The child said nothing wrong with her. The parents decided to take her to hospital for a test. The result showed that although the girl was not pregnant, but she was deflowered. She named the former parliamentarian as the one who tampered with her when she was asked by her parents.

Surprisingly, before the police at the Family Support Unit (FSU) complete obtaining statement from the child, Jonson had been informed that he was in trouble. He quickly packed out before the police could reach his premises.

When the press asked a police officer at Aberdeen why a WANTED notice had not been put out about the politician, she said “we are yet investigating, when we finish, we would put out a notice if necessary.”

Meanwhile, the police have said that the rate of child prostitution is rising high between Aberdeen and Lumley.