During the three day National Delegates Conference of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party, in Makeni, former 2018 Presidential Candidate Dr Samura Kamara while addressing supporters at the Joesal complex said, “the party is ours, if we don’t make it no one will do it for us.”

He said some members of the party have faced constraints and it is not easy. But, it is as a result of the love of the party. “I Samura Kamara will pledge my life, energy and heart; we should reciprocate likewise as a people and God will see us through.”

Awoko reports The former flag bearer said if they are united behind him for 2023, and he is lucky to be the party’s presidential candidate again, APC will be in State House together with the people. He further stated that anybody who has a bad plan for them, they will pray for God Almighty to push them far. “When we shall have succeeded, everyone will get little out of the biscuits together.”

Maintaining his distinctive potentials as leader with development aspirations to be unleashed in and out of the country, Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara was very confident and active as he was with his supporters dining and romancing with them.

Dr Samura Kamara was so elated on Friday when he attended the conference where he was mobbed by his supporters sending the message that he was the chosen one to lead the party again.

On Thursday 16th September 2021, the APC 2018 Presidential Candidate held a Town hall meeting with stakeholders, fans and even the residents of Makeni, and the grassroots of the APC party at Joesal Hotel Hall. During the town hall meeting Dr. Samura Kamara used the opportunity to declare his mission and vision towards the development of the country. The session was followed by questions and answers, which gave an opportunity to supporters to ask him questions in relation to his plans for the APC Party and the country as a whole.

During the Town Hall meeting, Dr. Samura Kamara was applauded and they told him that he was the best choice to lead the party again for the 2023 elections and they will do all in their power to make it happen.

His supporters are very confident that he will win the flag bearer election because of his hard work and popularity.