The newly appointed Presidential Spokesman, Hon. Dr. Alhaji Alpha Kanu has referred to opposition politicians as the ones practicing intellectual dishonesty thereby trying to divide the people of Sierra Leone for their selfish gains.

A-Z Newspaper reports that Dr. Kanu, who doubles as the Minister of the North West Region, was addressing the general public through the national broadcaster following rogue social media announcements that people should go out to demonstrate on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to the Minister, opposition politicians are the ones trying to disrupt the quietness and peace the country has been enjoying since his boss, President Bio was elected into office. He said these politicians have proven to be miscreants and just trouble makers whom he said will not succeed to halt the progress the country has been making over the years.

‘’No one has the right to hold the country to ransom by stopping business as usual, I would have felt it more if school pupils had missed classes on Monday,” said Dr. Kanu, adding that Sierra Leoneans are peace loving people that was the reason some people did not come out much on Monday morning.

He further described people’s action not to come out on Monday as being an abundance of caution not wanting to be part of any trouble. He said the country is not in isolation which is why Diplomatic Missions are operating in the country in the representation of the International Community. He likened the people of Sierra Leonean to the Passengers with President Bio being the pilot whom he said should be allowed to pilot the plane until the destination is reached.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Brima Kamara who happens to be the Spokesman of the Sierra Leone Police (Media One) has called on the general public to do their normal lawful business assuring that they are on top of the security of the country. “The rule of law prevails”, he said, adding that Sect 17 of the Public Order Act no.46 of 1965 makes provision for citizens to demonstrate or process as long as certain conditions such as public order, public safety, public morality and defence are met, the Inspector General of Police grants the permission. He said those calling for the demonstration are still faceless cowards.

The Deputy Director, Strategic Communications at the Office of National Security (ONS),

Abdul Karim Will has called on Sierra Leoneans to discountenance social media lies peddled by ill-motivated people. He has joined other stakeholders in calling on people to go about their normal routine.