In relation to the recently concluded chairmanship and councilor elections held in Koinadugu district, all peoples congress has issued a press statement signed by the party’s national secretary general, Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, about a protest over the announcement of provisional result of a councilor at ward155 in Koinadugu. An unfortunate incident which took place at the national electoral commission office in wellington during the tallying process for the councillorship of ward 155.

According to the press release, the national electoral commission ICT staff tampered with the result for station 1 at the MCA Primary school in Fumbakoro, in favor of the SLPP’s candidate. The secretary general further stated that it is appalling to note that instead of entering the correct score of the APC which is 083 and slpp049 for the said station, he said they fraudulently 083 for APC and 149 for SLPP thus giving the SLPP candidate 100 extra votes. They noted that the tampering affected the final outcome of the by elections result for councillorship at ward 155.

The national secretary general craved the indulgence of the commission to find an attach copy of the said agent reconciliation and result form in order to confirm the facts. He fathered that for reasons of integrity, the commission must kindly ensure that the provisional result is reversed and correctly recorded with transparency and fairness in the electoral process.

According to the press statement, the Commissions Assistant in the northern region allegedly changed the results in favor of the SLPP , giving SLPP 169 instead of 69 votes and exchanged the figures; gives 122 which was for APC to SLPP and gives APC the least which is 88 for polling center code 06096 MCA Primary school Alkalia. But this fraud was later corrected and the staff in charged was removed from the process for investigations

The APC party’s National Secretary general stated that they are calling on NEC to reverse the wrong entries for the councilor election for ward 155 in Koinadugu district and correct the final result. The secretary said that they are pleased with the decisions of NEC to hand the fraudster to the police for further investigation.

He concluded by saying” we hope you can save the image and good name of NEC by acting speedily and decisively on our submission. The APC will utilize all legal and reasonable means at our disposal to seek redress if these provisional results are not reversed”