The All Peoples Congress (APC) received 10 petitions from the public concerning their new constitution which should have matured on the 4th December, 2021, but due to the petitions it do not come to fruition.

In an interview with the Secretary General Alhaji Osman Yansaneh, he said they received the documents yesterday from the Chairman of the Political Parties Commission (PPRC) instructing them to get the petitions done within two weeks so that they can make sure that the party goes ahead with their programs.

“We are currently working on the petitions as some of them can be addressed easily. We have one from ex ministers who want their association to be recognised by the party. It is a minor matter so like majority of the petitions. We hope to get them sorted out soonest so we can meet with the PPRC and others and thrash out all of these petitions once and for all.”

Also, the Secretary General said they will be in court today again to meet with Justice Adrian Fisher to continue where they left off last week. He said he is hoping that the matter in the court will be completed soonest.

“What baffles me is receiving a letter from the Inspector General of Police for me to report to the CID today Wednesday because of the press conference we held last week to make the party’s position clear on the census, as we have made it very clear that our members and supporters should not take part.”

The Secretary General said he should report because the officials of the CID say he was inciting people not to take part in the census.

“I have already made it known to the CID officials that I will not be going there because I have to attend court sittings the same day and time. The question now is we are a political party with membership and supporters and we have been talking and talking with the government in so many instances, but they do not listen to us. Now that we have taken a decision that will affect them they are talking about incitement, so weird.”

The Secretary General made it very clear that they have been obeying the laws of the land and anything that is unconstitutional; the party will never support unconstitutionality as they believe in the rule of law because they too had been in governance.