The main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) has stated that they will reject any plan of a boundary delimitation that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) intends to include in the forthcoming elections.

The Acting Publicity Secretary of the APC, Sidie Yahya Tunis made this stance yesterday at the Good Morning Salone radio program on 98.1.

According to Tunis, they are happy about the announcement of the election date, but stated that they are not happy with the boundary delimitation NEC intends to execute ahead of the election.

He stressed that the responsibilities of NEC is to conduct elections in a free and hair manner, instead of focusing on boundary delimitation.

Tunis said that the time is wrong for NEC to start talking about boundary delimitation, noting that the timeline NEC set for themselves in the strategic plan that was communicated to political parties for boundary delimitation was 2024.

The Acting Secretary reiterated the boundary delimitations that intended to use before the election has taken the upper limit, noting that NEC has already given the date for the starting of voters registration in September, and that they have increased centres by 10% from 3,300 to about 3,630 centres where registration and voting will take place.

He stated that boundary delimitation is not something that is done in one or two months, as it requires lot of preparation which sometimes span even over a year.

Tunis maintained that the Government should not interfere with anything that concerns the National Electoral Commission, stating that NEC should also not base their work by what the Government tells them.

He said the government intends to use the unpopular census conducted by Statistics Sierra Leone to conduct the boundary delimitation, and use it in their favour in the forthcoming elections.

He said the outcome of the result of the Mid Term Census will not be acceptable as it has lot of controversies surrounding it as the bulk of the people were not counted.

Tunis noted they are looking at NEC closely and hoping that their idea about boundary delimitation will not be proceeded with. He stated that the isea of a boundary delimitation is not good for the country’s democracy and for the peace and stability of the country, as elections are around the corner.