It is no gainsaying that the All People’s Congress (APC) Dr. Samura Kamara and Chief Sam Sumana, are the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) greatest nightmare come 2023 when the country will be conducting Its next general elections.

The aforementioned is evidently clear because of their clouts, experiences, ability and popularity to name but a few traits.

And such a combination will send the ruling SLPP led government into coma and political relegation in relation to the outcome of the forthcoming polls.

If Chief Sam Sumana is given the opportunity to lead via the party’s flagbearer symbol, it will be a bombsplash, putting his geographical strength (the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone, Kono) into consideration. Owing to the fact that the APC is already popular in the Northern and Western Region, where Samura Kamara hails from. This is so because APC needs the South-East votes which would serve as an added advantage to their goal.

All what is required of the supporters and members of the APC ahead of the D-day; is UNITY in diversity for the general good. Be it team Samura or Sumana, no need to fight over who would be the party’s flagbearer, because all what is important is victory.

Especially at this point in time when Sierra Leoneans are yarning for change in the political dispensation of their country like never before, following the inability of the current administration to live up to expectations.