It is now apparent that the non-inclusion of Samuel Sam-Sumana’s membership on the agenda of the September emergency National Delegates Conference will inescapably lead to another fraction within the already fragmented APC party.

In a telephone interview recently, the APC Acting National Publicity Secretary, Yayah Sidi Tunis confirmed that the country’s sacked vice President’s membership discussion would not be included in the unresolved membership issues ordered by the court.

The Acting National Publicity Secretary’s outburst has infuriated scores of Sam Sumana’s supporters including some senior national executive who have uncompromisingly resolved to form themselves into another splinter fraction to fight against what they termed as mistreat by political adversaries within the party.

This emerging looming fraction, which will add to the two existing fractions, the National Reformation Movement (NRM) and the Big 6, which compromises of former 2018 presidential candidates has threatened court action if the party attempts to manipulate the process to exclude their interest unfairly.

A disgruntled APC national executive of the developing splinter group has told The Satellite Press that they will use all means possible through the law to reverse the outcome of the conference, if a decision is not taken on Sam-Sumana’s membership at the conference.

“If an injunction will be our last resort to ensure the right thing is done and Sam-Sumana is treated unfairly, we will go for it,” they warned. Hence cautioned the 21 Man Committee that will superintend the emergency conference to do the needful or risk court action.

As opposed to the party’s interpretation of the court order bordering on unresolved membership as stated by the Acting National Publicity Secretary, political pundits say their interpretation risks contempt of court.

Some party national executive who seems absolutely disgusted with the conflict-ridden state of the party have maintained that the stubbornness of the party leadership to put aside their manipulative tactics has led the party to the path of annihilation.