Members and supporters of different opposition political parties across the country, especially the  main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), are currently feeling me frustrated over the inability of their political representatives to speak ark up for them.

Quite recently, some Civil Society  Organisations (CSOs) operating in the country issued out a press statement in which they condemned the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) led government for stifling or closing the national civic space for political dialogue across the country and also for the frequent arrests and intimidations of opposition politicians since the party accused to power four years ago.

Despite the government’s clamp down on opposition Politician, some concerned citizens countrywide have however expressed their satisfaction at the bravery of few good opposition politicians like Dr. Samura Kamara, Madam Femi Claudius Cole and Dr. Dennis Bright for standing up for the truth on national Issues. Many concerned citizens have described them as the last group of good politicians standing for the rights of ordinary people in the country.

During an investigation conducted by this press, most grassroots and ordinary people who spoke to this press said a good number of senior members of the APC have become betrayers, while the National Executive memberships of the party have been placed under siege by the current ruling SLPP government through the Commissions of Inquiry (COI) or the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to one APC member, Lamin Kamara, most of the former APC Ministers and appointees that should be raising their voices on behalf of the grassroots have been
blackmackmailed either by the Commission of inquiry (CO) or the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC).This is the strategy employed by the ruling SLPP government to shut the mouths of opposition politicians”he noted, adding that those tactics and and other plans are meant to get rid of the Finances and Properties of any former APC politician who will dare to oppose the ruling government.

The concerned citizens also raised serious concerns over the issue of dishonesty and sellout among the rank and file of the APC membership , which they noted have helped to put the party under siege.

A cross section of the APC membership is even accusing some senior party members of collaborating with the SLPP Government to distabilize the APC ahead of 2023 Elections

According to Lamin Kamara, most of these former APC Politician and appointees are presently residing inn Freetown but are not heard when it comes to defending the rights and responsibilities of the ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

Another APC memeber, Mohamed Sesay also told this press that despite the frustration of most opposition politicians, the APC 2018 Presidential Flagbearer Dr. Samura Kamara, the Chairman of National Grand Coalition and leader of Unity Party, Madam Femi Claudius Cole have stood their grounds for ordinary Sierra Leoneans. ” They are now the only opposition voices and strengths for many Sierra Leoneans,” Mr Sesay maintained.