In light of growing rumors surrounding planned demonstrations scheduled for September 11 and 12, 2023, the All Peoples Congress (APC), the main opposition political party in Sierra Leone, has issued an official statement, urging its supporters and members to abstain from participating in these protests.

The APC’s press release addresses the concerns of disgruntled Sierra Leoneans who are dissatisfied with the country’s current state, particularly in the aftermath of the contested June 24th elections. Despite acknowledging the validity of these concerns, the APC explicitly clarifies that it has no involvement in the upcoming demonstrations slated for the specified dates.

The party emphasizes its commitment to a peaceful and diplomatic approach to address the country’s issues. The APC has initiated a dialogue with the government, facilitated by credible international arbitrators. They are adamant about not taking actions that could jeopardize this dialogue or tarnish the party’s reputation. The APC encourages its supporters and members to await further instructions from the party leadership.

In their statement, the APC appeals to all Sierra Leoneans to maintain peace and refrain from taking to the streets in protest until the ongoing dialogue process concludes. The party’s ultimate goal is to ensure the best interests of Sierra Leone and its citizens.

The press release concludes with a reaffirmation of the APC’s commitment to the nation and its people, with the rallying cry, “Long live the APC, long live Sierra Leone.” As the nation awaits further developments, the focus remains on peaceful resolution and dialogue.