Reactions has trailed alleged demand of more time for President Koroma by presidential youth aid, Bai Mamoud and other APC Youths in Makeni.

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I was just listening to 98.1 and I was paturbed by the assertion from the inefficiency and incompetent PYA(presidential youth aid) Bai Mamoud calling for his excellency to get more time or go for another third term. For God sake why are people he’ll bent on taking us to the dark ages we where before as a nation. Why is our president not making a comment about this? It only begs a certain question as to how genuine are his intentions to the much purported third term slogan been echoed by ome bunch of intractable quagmires or miscreants who think their survival and livelihoods rest on the shoulders of our president.

Is the president the most intelligent in the country? was the late president Kabbah not popular as well but left in respect of our constitution and it’s people. Why is APC not learning the lessons of the past and do wat is expected of them. The world is looking at people like Bai mamoud as any bid to forcefully enforce a third term bid in this country will be met with a robust response from the people of this country and whatever consequences that this may bring he and others who have decided to pursue this unthinkable act will be brought to book.

This is becoz for such an individual who purports to represent the youths in this country; an individual who we expect to know better who should be the among the first set of individuals to advice the president that such intentions should be discarded in respect of the youths who in times of instability suffer the most as seen in our just concluded civil war then I begin to question whether he is really genuine in his mandate as PYA or rather just dere becoz of his selfish desires.

With all the much vuvuzelarised talk about APC been a political academy and having all the no how to succeed in politics and now calling for an individual who is about finishing his second term to go for another term show how this political academy has lost materials and clearly illustrates that their is more work to be done

We believe that our beloved president will keep to his word as he rightly said some time ago that he will not add a second to his time when he finishes his term as president. We expect him to respect our constitution and the people of this country. If he is forgetting let him be reminded that dictators have all faced great consequences when they tend to hold on to power; the likes of Laurent Gbagbo, Blaise Compoire, Colonel Mummar al Gadaffi and a host of others have all paid the price for holding to power.

A word for a wise they say is quite sufficient.

By Aiah Barbah


Fellow youths I want to crave on your indulgences to join a nationwide wide campaign to refute the APC misguided pronouncement of a MORE TIME for president koroma. President Koroma is doing his last and final term of office by the constitution and any attempt to violate that will be resisted by the youths of this country.

Three days ago some youths who represent views of only their party APC gathered at makeni for a youth conference which was supposedly to discuss and put forward the issues of youths but failed to do that but rather resulted in asking for MORE TIME for president Koroma which to me is misguided and a calculated attempt by presidential youth aid of sierra Leone to threaten the peace and security of our country .we are the leaders of today and this is time to stand up against some misguided individuals who thinks president koromas continuous stay in power will secure their existence .

Fellow sierra leoneans and youths of this country if Bai MAMOUD has no aspiration we have we want to see a prosperous nation where all youths are treated equally and where all resources are evenly distributed but if Bai Mamoud and his APC youths because of their selfishness wants a subversion of the constitution of sierra Leone then they are dreaming.

The future of this country must be protected by this generation if not now then when?

President kabba would have used his 70% or more votes to grip on power but he peacefully handed over to another party so why would a below 60% votes president go for a third term when all this time he has not delivered on his promises
President Koroma is not a third term president and I don’t really care which party wins d next election but we want the constitution to be respected and uphold to d highest level.

God bless the youths for joining this campaign

By Chernor J. Bah