In a recent press release, the All Political Party Association Sierra Leone (APPA-SL) expressed its criticism of the report issued by the National Election Watch (NEW) regarding the June 24th, 2023 elections. The report was officially published on June 27th, 2023

“APPA-SL is disappointed at the June 27th so-called “independent, non-partisan assessment of the June 24″ Presidential Result” report by the National Elections Watch (NEW)”.

The association also has been part of the entire electoral process, has highlighted its findings with regard NEW report.

The association stated that they view the conduct of the June 24th Multi-tier Elections as transparent, inclusive, and peaceful, commending the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) for creating the enabling environment for citizens to participate. It stated that though it could not have been perfect w they proudly associate themselves with its outcome adding that even the biggest of democracies have had the worst election stories of recent times.

It also stated that Whiles w they contested to win, they accept President Bio won the June 24th Presidential Elections and are ready to work with him for the development of Sierra Leone.

It continued that individual statements from the leaderships of nine political parties on the conduct of the June 24″ Elections views on the outcome of the elections should be respected.

In addition, it stated that the association notes the accelerated pace at which a “once enviable organization like NEW” is degenerating into a mere caricature of itself, adding that the June 27th Report by NEW is a recipe for chaos and should be discountenanced by all Sierra Leoneans.

“We are however hopeful that credible alternatives in the civil society space are coming up.”

“We note that several credible organizations observed the June 24th elections and have decently done what any observer can or ought to do. This is what we as political parties expect from observer missions and not make inciteful statements”.

It added that they are reminding Marcella Samba Sesay that, NEW is not a registered Political Party but merely a local observer organization which they said does not have a national outlook and lacks the moral and legal fortitude to make any informed declaration on the just concluded June 24th elections.

“If NEW want to behave like a political party, let them register as one, and stop acting like a puppet for a brainless international giant hiding behind their shadows”.

It also stated that they note the biased, unprofessional, and skewed assessment does not come as a surprise because at all the Political Parties Liaison Committee Meetings that NEW had attended as observers, they throughout the meetings amplified the views of the APC party, protested and often called on the ECSL to restrict NEW’s role to mere observation and not make any decision on the proceedings of the electoral processes.

“We hope in future elections, a policy guideline on the election will be developed and shared among observers”.

The association called on the Chairperson of NEW, Marcella Samba Sesay to publicly apologize to Sierra Leoneans and leave the political space to the politicians.

“This double standard to satisfy your paymaster should be terminated immediately”.

“We want to re-echo the loud voices of Sierra Leoneans on OUR SOVEREIGNTY. We cannot mortgage it to any international body of persons. We are aware that such so-called external players have nothing to write home about when it comes to democratic elections. Of late, the excesses, shortcomings, and the lack of democratic elections remind all to begin to think of democratic dispensations with characteristics peculiar to their societies”.

It concluded by calling on Sierra Leoneans to remain peaceful and discountenance hateful, inciteful, and tribally decorated comments that have the potential to undermine the peace and national drive of Sierra Leone.