Sierra Leonean musician and entertainer, Atical Foyoh made waves on social media as he addressed the recent unrest and security breach in Freetown. Taking to Facebook, Foyoh expressed his concerns about the crisis that unfolded on Sunday, the 26th.

In a passionate statement in Krio, the local language, he emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “Madda Bio get de Power bo, Aaaaaaa de All sai fing fing If u nar Man try am ba Bangaaaaaaaaa.” Translated to English, this can be interpreted as, “Julius Maada Bio is the President, everywhere is gunshots, if you believe yourself as a man try it again.”

Foyoh’s commentary reflects the tension and fear that gripped the city during the security breach. The use of the Krio language adds a local and personal touch to his message, connecting with a broader audience. The musician’s bold statement not only highlights the severity of the crisis but also suggests a challenge to those want to oppose president Maada Bio’s power.

As Freetown settle with the aftermath of the heavy gunfire and unrest, public figures like Artical Foyoh utilizing their platforms to voice concerns can play a significant role in drawing attention to the issues at hand.