Popular Journalist and Station Manager of the Radio Democracy, Asmaa James and, TV Host, Podcaster and author of ‘Adama Loves Akara’ have on social media spotted having fun in a pool in the U.S as they stunned photos that showed off their natural Coca Cola shapes.ย 

The celebrities who are probably in the United States of America on a vacation or business trip decided to enjoy the beauty of nature as they went on swimming with their pool wears that showed their beauty behind the veils and dresses.

Popular journalist Asmaa James who seems to have decided to not left behind in the celebrity game game is spotted with prominent Sierra Leonean female blogger and writer Vickie Remoe. Both celebrities have over the years worked as partners in their own different business.

As the saying goes “All works and no play makes Asmaa James and Vickie Remoe dull women”, to easy of their work and life anxieties, both celebrities took it to the pool to enjoy nature and stunned the Internet with wonderful photos show of their massive endowments.

Asama James is a Sierra Leonean media personality, advocate and a philanthropist. With over 20 years of experience in broadcast journalism and management, she creates opportunities for diverse voices to discuss current affairs and a wide range of human rights and social justice issues. Her mindful but objective approach has resulted in historic contributions to strengthening democratic governance in Sierra Leone and the continent. Asmaa currently serves as the station manager at Radio Democracy 98.1 FM.

On the side of the coin, Vickie Remoe is an Editor and founder of SwitSalone website. She is a TV Hose, writer and a podcaster. She is an advocate for Human right and one of Sierra Leone most lovable and finest bloggers.ย  Vickie Remoe is keen to selling the image of Sierra Leone to the outside world and disclosing and amplifying fasicinating, meaningful and newsworthy content for Sierra Leonean audiences and the Internet community. She is also the Ambassador for Save The Children Sierra Leone and author of children’s book; Adama Loves Akara and A Print for Ami.