President Julius Maada Bio has affirmed that his Government will act upon the findings and recommendations of the August 8-10 Protest Report submitted to State House.

Let me state my government remains committed to upholding universal principles of Human Rights and adhering to national and international Human Rights Standards,” the President responded to the report on Thursday.

He added that the protest disrupted peace and supported the findings that the main motive of it was to illegitimately remove him as Head of State of Sierra Leone.

Bio furthered that August 10 questions Sierra Leone’s prowess with regards peace, press freedom, women’s right, human capital development, religious tolerance and accountability.

The Principal also condemned the killing of the 6 police officers during the protest.

We cannot live in a society where police officers who have the responsibility to protect lives and property become the objects of targeted killing,” Bio said.

He also condemned the killing of the Operational Support Division (OSD) Regional Coordinator, Mathew Gbanya in Makeni earlier this week and promised to apply the law to those responsible.

The President appreciated the committee for their investigations.

The August 10 protest is believed to be the most deadly the West African nation has witnessed since the end of its 10-year civil war in 2002. Over 30 civilians and security personnel were killed during the protest. Protesters were calling for President Bio to leave office with barely 10-months remaining to elections.

A Special Committee was set up to investigate happenings of the protest.

Findings of the report was presented to State House yesterday and it revealed that the protest was “well-planned, financed well-orchestrated, timed and geared towards destroying public property and undermining the peace”. It added that it was geared towards the removal of President Bio from office.