The Management of African Young Voices Television [AYV] has issued a Press Release today, 8th August 2023 confirming that their attention has been drawn to a video circulation on social media involving one of their staff, Samuel Wise Bangura.

AYV acknowledged that they understand the concerns and questions raised by the public, and they expressed commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

In line with the company’s policy, AYV affirmed that they have established an Independent Committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the video.

The AYV journalist claimed he was robbed on Monday afternoon of $7,000, iPhone 14 pro max, and other valuables. But a report and video from a social media blogging platform, Salone Gossip and other sources say Bangura was engaged in illegal activities.

As it holds itself to the highest ethical standards, AYV encourages the public to report any relevant information in relation to the issue via email.