The Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah has expressed a great excitement about a partnership with Beijing and the UNESCO.

He disclosed the works and operations of President Bio, including the audacity to invest in education and removal of all barriers from girls’ access.

His statement reads; Chinese hospitality is second to none! I have enjoyed my brief visit in Beijing and I’m excited about the prospect of the partnerships that are emerging from my fruitful conversations. As Keynote speaker at the UNESCO organized seminar at the Beijing Normal University, I told the remarkable story of the audacity of President Bio to invest in education and remove all barriers from girls’ access. I told the story of my grandma- Sallay Jamanya- who was uneducated, married as a child and lost 8 of her 12 children and yet believed in the power of education. The investment she made in my mom is what I’m benefitting from today. I compared her “gamble” to President Bio’s – who spends the highest of any African government on education. Like grannie, President Bio’s education gamble is bearing beautiful fruits for Sierra Leone. Can’t wait to return to #China. Grateful for my friends and partners who have made this such a memorable visit. Home beckons.