Popular human right lawyer Basita Michael has spoken on the arrest and detention of former ACC Commissioner Ady Macauley by the Sierra Leone police.

Ady Macauley was arrested and detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters at Pademba Road, Freetown on an alleged incitement statement he made during a TV program.

In that light, one of Sierra Leone’s human right lawyer Basita Michael has reacted to the incident and called for his immediate release.

“Locking up a lawyer in a detention cell and denying him bail for his opinion and interpretation of the law on a national TV discussion program goes to show how far the government is ready to go to silence critical thinking and citizens who will not toe the line. Until something is done to salvage this sinking image of our democracy hopelessness will continue to prevail in our country.
Those behind the detention of Ady Macauley must remember that when the tea turns such a bad precedent can be used to extinguish their democratic rights. Is that what we want for ourselves and our country? I add my voice to members of the bar association and the public to demand the immediate release of Lawyer Ady Macauley”.