Sierra Leone’s popular female rapper, Natasha Beckley has disclosed that she is currently contemplating her music and politics career paths.

She made this revelation in a lengthy writeup on her Facebook page.

The rapper started by stating that before 2018 she was only hosting pageants and working on communities. She added that she took the path of music after the 2018 elections when she was disqualified to vie for the member of parliament position due to dual citizenship.

She said her dream was to become a member of parliament, noting that being a beauty queen is not enough as she wanted girls in fashion to dream about becoming unimaginable.

She continued that after the 2018 elections, her world crashed, and lost everything including her faith, self-esteem, and hope.

Beckley disclosed that she saved all her money and moved back to Sierra Leone, noting that her family was worried about her situation.

She further disclosed that her boyfriend advised her to take up her music as a career, adding that she missed dropping an album in 2014 and he had to send her money to go and record her album in Nigeria, which she eventually did in two weeks and titled, “Freetown the Recipe“.

Beckley revealed that she decided to explain her story because elections are fastly approaching and she has to decide whether to get back to politics or focus on music.

“l don’t rap because people think I’m good, I rap because I like to challenge systems. I wanted to challenge Africans. When I walk into the room everyone will ask, who’s that girl? And proudly I’ll say I’m from Freetown (guess what’s that’s what exactly happened when I wrote Freetown) I was in Nigeria and everyone wanted to know Freetown like she was this African stallion,” she explained.

The Rapper further elucidated the challenges faced by entertainers.

This is not anyone’s decision to make but mine, sleepless and it’s troubling me. As an entertainer, we are struggling with where you get the funding to continue to brand ourselves and make money. Sometimes I just want to get a job and mind my business. Decisions, decisions, decisions, and I have to make one soon,” she stated.