In a heartfelt move, the Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police, William Fayia Sellu, has offered assistance to an individual injured in the recent Freetown shooting involving Foday Allieu, known locally as “Big Fish.”

The gesture was announced by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Brima Kamara, who also oversees Communication for the Sierra Leone Police, at a press briefing on Tuesday, September 26th, located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Previously, Sierraloaded reported about the tragic event in Freetown that led to the death of the well-known musician, leaving another person wounded.

ACP Brima Sandi, the Media Head for the Sierra Leone Police Force, detailed that during the incident, a female police officer was on duty at the United Bank of Africa (UBA). Big Fish entered the bank grounds, overpowered the officer, seizing her gun, and then began firing indiscriminately, with five shots being fired into an open space.

Upon being challenged by the aforementioned military officer, Big Fish shot at him. Fortunately, due to his bulletproof gear, the officer remained unharmed. He had no choice but to retaliate, resulting in Big Fish’s death.

Kamara shared that Inspector General Fayia Sellu provided a donation of five million old Leones (NLe5,000) towards the medical bills of the individual who suffered a head injury during the unfortunate event. The immediate severity of the victim’s condition prompted this benevolent act.

Representing the police chief, ACP Brima Kamara visited the injured party in the hospital earlier this Tuesday, noting promising signs of recovery from the incident which tragically resulted in the death of Foday Allieu by a military official.

Kamara underscored the ongoing investigation into the event and appealed to the public to respect Sierra Leone’s legal framework and maintain regular routines.

Under IGP William Faya Sellu’s direction, the Sierra Leone Police remains steadfast in their mission to protect and serve the community, even in the face of adversity. Their recent outreach stands as a testament to their commitment.