Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio has advised the people of Kono district to vote for themselves and for the development  of their district, adding that with him the district will have a sustainable development.

In his address to the Kono people over the weekend, President Bio said that for a long time, the people of Kono have been deprived of development and good opportunities, and assured them of his government’s aim to tackle these problems.

“When you’re voting for me, you’re not voting for Maada Bio, you’re voting because of what Maada Bio has shown the people what he can do. He’s shown that he’s a man of his word. He’s shown that he cares about development,” he said.

President Bio added that his government will prioritize the development agenda of Kono and its people during his second term in office and urged them to send their children including girls to school as he believes they are the human capital of any nation.

He particularly stressed on the educational gains and maintained there is more in the package of education to be delivered.

Make sure your children to go to school. Today is the best time for women in this country since independence. No government has ever given opportunity to women and girls like this government. So, you the women should understand this, support the girl child to go to school that they can come back and take part in your development,’ President Bio urged.

Speaking on the new members from other political parties who have joined the SLPP, he said that he is very happy for the young people from the APC that have just joined them and that he is with the full conviction that they will as well preach and maintained peace at all levels.

’We have a message and that is to convince you to have confidence and trust in the SLPP because we keep to our words. When we send a message it’s backed by follow-up action. They promised you a university but that is now history. In fact, we didn’t promise electricity but now that is history,” the President maintained.

In his promise to the people, President  Bio assured that, through his government the Koidu City will have its own water system and will have all the basic amenities needed in a city, adding that, government is working hard to making these reality.

Safea Moiwa, Kono District Chairman for SLPP, said many supporters of the APC, C4C, and NGC, have told him that they have plans to defect to the SLPP, a situation, he noted, that would be a boost for the party in the district.

“These people have taken this decision because of what they have seen in the last four years. Despite the global economic crisis, Kono has benefitted from the national cake that President Bio has been distributing. The stable electricity supply to Kono was a game changer. This has enhanced economic activities in Kono,” he stated.