President Bio has called on all Sierra Leoneans home and abroad to pledge their allegiance to protecting the image of the country that is bigger than everyone.

In his message while addressing women groups, the President noted that every Sierra Leonean has a responsibility to protect the country in all forms.

He said, politics is not about region, tribe or other things but to solve national problems, provision of public goods that will enable everyone live in peace and harmony.

“We have to keep the peace but at the same time, I think in defence of our nation we have to let certain people and quarters know that we are an independent nation,” he said.

He called on Sierra Leoneans to have the notion of defending the country at all times and that should not be shouldered by only the centre government.

“I have taken oath severally. When I first entered the military, being president for the first time, the second time and this is the third time and I have to stand by the oath of protecting our country,” he furthered, adding that, he owe that to his conscience and faith to deliver the best as he can for the people of Sierra Leone and protecting the nation.