Presidential Aide Myk Berewa has announced that President Julius Maada Bio is set to declare a State of Emergency on Drugs.

Berewa took to his official Facebook page to share the news, drawing parallels with the President’s previous declaration of a State of Emergency on rape.

As he did on rape, President Julius Maada Bio to declare a State of Emergency on Drugs in Sierra Leone.. wait on this…” Berewa writes

The impending announcement aims to signal the government’s unwavering commitment to tackling the rampant drug problem plaguing the nation.

The urgency of the situation is underscored by the rampant proliferation of the K2 drug, commonly referred to as “kush,” within the country.

This potent substance has been responsible for a surge in both sales and usage, prompting law enforcement agencies to conduct numerous raids and arrests across various regions.

Recognizing the severity of the issue, local law enforcement authorities recently made a public appeal to the citizens, urging them to play an active role in curbing the alarming spread of the drug and its detrimental impact on communities.

In a recent incident that highlighted the gravity of the situation, groups of youths and concerned citizens took matters into their own hands. In the capital city of Freetown, they conducted raids on known drug-selling points, apprehending several addicts in the process.

This grassroots response underscores the widespread concern and determination within the population to combat the drug crisis head-on

To address the multifaceted challenge posed by the illicit drug trade, lawmakers are also taking proactive measures. Some members of the country’s legislative body have called upon the Youth Minister, Mohamed Orman Bangura, to draft and present a comprehensive position paper to the House. This paper will outline strategic approaches and measures to effectively tackle the spread of the illicit drug