In an electrifying campaign rally held in Gbangbatoke, President Julius Maada Bio made a remarkable announcement, revealing that his government has successfully reduced the number of maternal deaths in the country by an impressive 60% over the past five years.

The President’s disclosure came as he embarked on a campaign tour in the run-up to the June 24th elections.

Addressing a mammoth crowd that included tribal leaders and various stakeholders, President Bio expressed his deep gratitude to the people of Moyamba for their unwavering support, particularly during challenging times. He emphasized the longstanding connection between Bonthe, Moyamba, and the nation’s leaders, from Sir Milton Magai to himself.

Highlighting the achievements of his administration, President Bio shared, “In the short time we have been in power, the World Health Organization (WHO) has informed us that the life expectancy in our country has increased from 53 years to 61 years. Additionally, we have successfully reduced maternal deaths by an impressive 60% over the past five years.”

President Bio also underscored his government’s commitment to education, stating that over 2.5 million children currently benefit from free education programs. Furthermore, he emphasized that the government goes the extra mile to provide additional services to ensure that every child in the country receives a quality education.

The President’s announcement drew thunderous applause from the crowd, as citizens recognized the significant strides made in healthcare and education under his leadership. These achievements serve as a testament to the government’s commitment to improving the lives of the people and achieving long-term development goals.

As the campaign season continues to unfold, President Bio’s message resonates strongly with the people, demonstrating his determination to address critical issues and bring about positive change across various sectors of the country.