19 years after a harrowing incident that defied the odds, Dr. Sylvia Blyden has shared a gripping account of her survival in a plane crash that occurred on August 11, 2004.

The unsettling ordeal unfolded when a Boeing 737 operated by Air Guinea Express took off from Lungi International Airport, only to experience a catastrophic engine failure mere minutes into its flight.

Dr. Blyden vividly recalled the heart-stopping moment when one of the aircraft’s engines abruptly detached with a deafening sonic boom.

The plane’s trajectory spiraled into chaos, executing a terrifying mid-air somersault before crashing back to Earth. Miraculously, the aircraft maintained an upright position as it landed in a swamp of thick, waterlogged greenery.

The impact was so forceful that the plane careened forward within the swamp, hurtling towards a nearby forest. The collision’s intensity generated a massive explosion of mud, launching skyward in a spectacular display that soared over a hundred feet high.

The mud-laden aircraft continued its aquatic journey until finally grinding to a halt, just shy of reaching the forest’s edge.

In the aftermath of the crash, the plane lay shrouded in a thick layer of mud, creating a surreal scene of destruction.

Days later, photographs captured the aftermath once the relentless rains had cleansed the wreckage.

Dr. Blyden, along with several fellow passengers, found themselves in hospital beds, nursing injuries sustained during the traumatic incident.

At the time of the crash, Dr. Blyden was en route to Banjul, The Gambia, where she oversaw a thriving commercial communications enterprise. The company held prestigious consultancy roles with various Gambian governmental entities, including the Office of the President, Gambia Telecommunications (GAMTEL), and Gambia Radio & Television Services (GRTS).

Reflecting on her extraordinary survival, Dr. Blyden expressed profound gratitude, attributing her well-being to a higher power.

Surviving this crash was a sheer miracle. We give God the Glory,” she proclaimed.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Dr. Blyden stands resolute in her commitment to fulfill a meaningful journey on this Earth, underscoring the profound impact of her remarkable survival story.