Popular Musician Atical Foyoh has in a Facebook post penned a letter of support to Ambassador of Entertainment Kao Denero

Amidst Visa Denial Controversies and Allegations of Misuse of Office by kao Denero, Atical Foyoh said he stands with his close friend Kao Denero who has been supportive of him.

According to Atical kao added value to his life and his craft and for that he will forever be grateful, adding that their bond will always continue as they are never going to stop being real to each other.

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You hating our friendship is to your detriment.🔪🔫🗿
Thanks for everything my OG!
In this short while you’ve added a lot of unspeakable value to my life and my craft. You’ve opened doors of opportunities wide and clear, blessing megoodnesssbeyondd mere human imagination and you have almost always respected my craft with awe and refined dignity.

These feelings have been mutual and I have also reciprocated with equal respect. You have never, even in the oddest of circumstances disrespected my hustle and not for once have you cheated on my sweat.

For these all but very important reasons, I will always be grateful and continue to forever hold you down as a true companion, a reliable friend, and a trustworthy brother.

Kindly give deaf ears to lay sayers, they just rant🤣 because they’ve got mouths to do so. Let them keep buying data to add to our lofty fame and stardom.

You know the mission already, so let’s keep grinding, the best is yet to come!

Our bond would continue to give them heart attack 🤣🤣 because we are never going to stop being real to each other. For little wonder an adage slates “Real Recognize Real”.
I’m in the building!!!
East Coast Power Bank💪