According to a statement from the official Facebook page of Boss LA, it’s confirmed that the case has been adjourned again to 25 November 2022.

The post also states that the prosecutor asked for a long adjourned date because he is supposed to travel.

Also furthered that the witness who alleged to have been assaulted and robbed by Boss La did not show up in court for the case.

According to the poster who is alleged to be Boss LA himself states that he is fed up and needs justice for himself and all other victims.

He went on to ask for the release of the footage from the Fuel station for the world to see what happened, on that day

Please if any of what I’m accused of, did happen on that day, please share the footage for the world to see, so they can disgrace me as a thief,” he wrote

He Went on to ask ;

Can Someone who has an iPhone 13 pro max, steal a Tecno spark phone?

I had 60 million old leones on that day, how will I steal 4 million from a fuel pump attendant

Why would Someone who was not driving or requested fuel be arrested and charged in court

How can someone whose right has been violated and had his dread cut off forcefully and beaten by a gang of police officers be charged to court as a violent individual

He ends by saying Boss La is a good person, Boss La is everyone’s Child and does not deserve to be in jail