Prominent hip hop artist King Boss LA has leveled serious allegations against Lahai Lawrence Leema, a former Minister of Internal Affairs, claiming that Leema played a significant role in his imprisonment spanning several years.

King Boss LA and his devoted fan base firmly believe that Leema’s actions and influence contributed to the legal proceedings that resulted in the rapper’s extended jail term.

The artist community and social media influencers have united their voices, urging government authorities and political stakeholders to reevaluate the case and secure King Boss LA’s release.

Nassar Ayoub, a fellow artist, has emerged as a key figure in advocating for King Boss LA’s freedom.

Ayoub recently expressed the sentiment that if the rapper’s release is not granted, the matter should be brought before the courts for resolution.

In a recent Facebook post shared on King Boss LA’s official page, a scathing critique of the former deputy minister has surfaced.

The post asserts, “The case of Alhaji Amadu Bah unveils a trail of interconnected issues. You permitted an individual’s child to be transported to Benghazi, subjecting them to hardship in an attempt to make a statement, but your authority now appears diminished.”