Controversial rapper, Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La has expressed frustration on a video where he called out popular journalist and station manager for Radio Democracy 98.1FM; Asmaa James and used abusive language on her.

This came after the popular journalist reported that Boss La has been given bench warrant by the Court for failing to attend. The news went viral which made the rapper debunked the news that he was not given a bench warrant and the news was fake.

According to Boss La, he has been attending court sitting more than nine times without the prosecutor availing him/herself. News media were all quite even when all of them attended the hearing but they ignored making it a news when he has been attending. The only one time he failed to attend, he was given bench warrant and the media made news out of it in which Asmaa James was a contributing factor.

“You don’t have something to say, you want me to call out who is using you, are you not talking about those that are using you, Asmaa James! Let me call you out now, you don’t have something to talk about, have you gone mad?” – He abused.

On the video, Boss La mentioned that he was together with Asamaa James the previous day before the publication of the news. The rapper said she would have gotten his own side of the story but she went ahead and publish without his own side. He added that the journalist is trying to tarnish his image.

Boss La continued with anger. “Bastard pikin. Next time I see you I will urinate on your face. Asmaa James that what I said 98.1. I will call you out. Bastard pikin, political lady living a rubbish life.” – He blasted. Boss La boasted that, Asmaa and her team will not bring him down. “You think you are able to bring me down including your journalists”- Boss La bragged. “You should be ashamed of yourself. Leave me alone, I am not the only human being and musician in this country” – he declared.