As the decision of Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to retrieve the umbro suitcases that were given to Leone Stars players for the AFCON tournament got the attention of the public, rapper Boss La added his voice by blasting SLFA.

The rapper debunked the decision of SLFA to collect the suitcase from the players. He said President Bio gave them huge amount of money and Sierra Leoneans also supported them. He continued saying that, with all the sacrifices made by the players, SLFA still asked them to return the suitcase. Boss La said their decision to collect the suitcase is for their personal interest. He stated that, SLFA didn’t release a press release to defend themselves how they used the $7,000,000 given to them by the government. He said they just want to disrespect the players for the suitcase. He concluded that, he is not blaming SLFA.

This came after the Secretary General; Chris Kamara asked the players especially foreign players to return their umbro suitcase given to them for AFCON before disbursing the $1,000 to each that was donated to them.

According to Leone Stars team manager; Babadi Kamara, he is not aware of any meeting or decision of the Football Association instructing players to return their Kits after the Competition. The chairman stated that if the Sierra Leone Football Association or anybody is requesting for the Player’s suitcases then it’s a surprise to him.

He further clarifies that if SLFA would have decided to do something like this, prior to the AFCON tournament, they should have set the necessary conditions by placing everything on paper. He emphasized that the Sierra Leone Football Association should have done the needful by subjecting the Players to sign everything on Paper such as match bonuses, equipment status and allowances to further prevent conflict.

He further pointed out that every equipment used in such competition like AFCON are things players should keep and cherish for the rest of their lives. He noted that asking players to return Suitcase that is worth less than $100 is inhumane.

Leone Stars players like Kei Kamara, Welbeck and others responded to SLFA for asking them to return a suitcase that is estimated $50 or else, they will give them the $1,000 that is assigned to each. However, rapper Boss La blasted SLFA for such decision.