According to reports, It has been confirmed that the dreadlocks of popular rapper Boss LAJ has been cut off, and he will be attending court tomorrow.

It is also reported that the hairs of some others who had been arrested and detained with rapper have also been cut off.

This confirmation was made by a Police Source and the Head of media of Sierra Leone DJs union Jida-Kiz Kamara, per Sarah Kallay Blog.

According to report, Boss LA and others seemed physically okay as they await trial tomorrow.

Shortly, after LAJ was arrested, his elder brother Ishmael Rappish Bah accused the Sierra Leone police of dehumanizing and forcefully cutting off LAJ’s hair.

It was alleged that the rapper was unlawfully held and tortured under the command of what is known as “orders from above” at a facility known for zero tolerance of human rights which many people refer to as “Benghazi. This happens to the headquarters of all OSD personnel.

The SLP however didn’t issue an official response to the allegations levied against them.

Since the arrest and detention of the rapper, citizens, fellow musicians, lawyers, human rights activists and organisations have been calling for his release and for justice to be served.