The CEO of Red Flag Muzik (RFM), Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La has endorsed ‘Double A’ For Housemate Salone Season 3 reality TV show.

While speaking to supporters at a field where a football match was organized, Boss La declared ‘Double A’ as the son of the soil who was born and raised in Central part of Freetown. He added that, the aspiring Housemate contestant was staying in England but have decided to come back home. The rapper called on Central people to support Double A as he has decided to go for the reality TV show.

Sierra Leonean dancehall artiste, Dallas Bantan also endorsed Double A. He pleaded with Central people to support him for the Housemate Salone Season 3.

Housemate Salone Season 3 was launched on 13th February, 2022 at Mamba Point Resort Lagoonda at Aberdeen in Freetown with the theme ‘D Game Get Yagba’. As the reality TV show has raised alarm, Boss La has called on Central people to support Double A.