Sierra Leonean controversial rapper, Alhaji Amdu Bah popularly known as Boss La has reacted on the death threat of First Lady Fatima Jabbie Bio which was made by social media activists Adebayor.

In his Facebook post, the rapper stated that he will not defend the activist voice note where he threatened to kill the First Lady. He asked where Sierra Leoneans were when the First Lady threatened the country about MOB justice after the killing in Tombo, Lunsar, Tonko Limba and other places, brutality, injustice, fuel crisis and others difficulties that are happening in Sierra Leone.

“Me nor dae defend Adebayor on e voice note oo..but after all d killings around dis country..brutality..injustice..fuel crisis n electricity no water n opportunities for youths..Usai una all bin dae wae d First Lady threatened d country bout mobb justice which was a very strong message from our number 1 mother of dis nation..wit all d struggles na dis country na now una mentioned bout fear wow…anyway we pray we all get along as Sierra Leoneans but we nor go allow una again for set fire we twwwww” he wrote.

This came after Adebayor issued an audio message on Friday 18th March 2022 where he threatened to kill the First Lady. Few hours later, the Secretariat and Executive of the SLPP issued a notice to arrest Adebayor.

The SLPP called on the security forces to investigate the audio “We therefore call on the Security Forces to thoroughly investigate this particular audio. We further urge the relevant authorities to activate international collaboration in enforcing the recently enacted Cyber Security and Crime Act, which gives cross-border powers to legally handle such threats delivered through social media”.

However, rapper Boss La reacted that he will not defend Adebayor’s voice note but Sierra Leoneans should also look at the threats that First Lady made to Sierra Leoneans about MOB justice.