Popular rapper and CEO of Red Flag Muzik, Boss La has cleared the air on his arrest about the iPhone 13 Pro Max issue which made him to spend the night in detention at Aberdeen Police Station.

In his Facebook live, Boss La thanked his fans and those that show concern on the issue yesterday and today. He added that, he knows that people are tired of saying “Free Boss La” all the times. He continued saying that he stands for the right thing and not everyone will understand that. He said he doesn’t want people to feel like what is happening to him is deliberate “Let no one feels like what is happening to me is deliberate”.

He sent appreciation message to Sierra Leone Police stating that when he comes out from the hands of the law, is because they understand what really happen. “Kudos to the Sierra Leone Police because when someone comes out from the hands of the law, is because they understand and also get a form of understanding of what really happen”. He continued by differentiating police officers stating that, there are police officers that are good, bad, do malpractice and those that are doing their jobs correctly.

Boss La described the incident that happened to him yesterday as malpractice as he is a law-abiding citizen and he doesn’t look at himself as an artiste. “What happen yesterday, I can’t say its malpractice because they have their own books and they know how they put it. I’m a very abiding citizen and I didn’t look at myself as an artist. I abide and went. It just happened that one or two bad police officers were among the bad ones that were doing malpractice job as they were pushing me”. He spoke.

The rapper continue saying that, some people have heard different stories alleging that, it is a case of phone. He said everyone that knows him know that he can buy phone and he will not like to talk about the issue that happened yesterday.

He once again thanked his fans and begged them to respect themselves and other people so that they can be respected. He also advised them to respect the law and admonished them that they have to suffer before they enjoy later. “Officially I am out and I am in the studio recording”. He declared.

He also thanked top entertainers like Atical Foyoh, Prezo Lawva, Med Mans, DJ Prezo, Fantacee Wiz and Henrietta Etta for showing up. “These were the people that shown up and they were the ones that were there when the issue happened.” He stated.

Boss La further that, he is always arrested because he is the one speaking for the people. He said that people asked him why he is the only one that is always arrested. He responded that because he is speaking for the people. “Why I am always the only one? This is because I am the one talking for the people. Others are making like corporates while I am speaking for the people”.

He called on his fans to attend his show tomorrow at Waterloo as he will be revealing everything that led to his arrest.