Education they say builds a nation, in that light, Cabinet has endorse the joint Educational Sector Plan ESP of the ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education and the ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education for the year 2022 to 2026 which is titled as “Transforming Learning for All”.

Prior, the educational sector have been using the ESP 2018-2020 which was extended to 2021 while the development of this current ESP was in progress.

The new ESP have highlighted many good things which the minister said will help in the development of education in the country.

One major advantage of this ESP the minister said is the first to be developed by local experts as lead writers.

It is said to be informed by thorough education sector analysis by joint education sector review, a financial simulation model, regional consultation and data from the sector.

This ESP is also said to have rigorous M&E and Implementation frameworks for policy techies in addition to clear objectives seeking to transforming our country through Education for all.

The minister continue by saying even though the costing gap is about $270m over the 5 years (that’s after the government contributions 22%), they believe it will be finance through innovative programs and great development partner contributions.

“This ESP was endorsed by development partners and the Local Education Group which includes CSOs and other stakeholders and assessed by an external third party”.

The new ESP is said to have contributions from all relevant MDAs including District and Local Councils, as it will shape all future programs in education including the GPE Compact development.

The minister conclude by saying with this new ESP better future of children and youth is assured.

“We’ve got such an exciting future for all our children and youth”. “Minister Wurie and I are so proud of the work led by our technical teams at the two Ministries”.