Social media commentator, Daphne Pratt popularly known as Casada Kitchen has on a video blasted heavily at Julie Tombo for not taking legal actions against wife of Leone Stars Striker, Hawa Tombo for her alleged video, which she claimed her camera caught Julie with her husband on her matrimonial bed.

on a recent video that surfaced the blue app, the wife of Musa Tombo, Hawa Tombo was seen crying while she expressed her emotions and challenges she has been going through in her marital home. On the video she claimed, despite people claiming that she is the remote control that controls her husband, yet she has been living as a strong women and breadwinning the home while her husband took little or nothing in the home responsibilities lately.

It is on this video Hawa Tombo claimed that, while she was away on a trip to Ghana, she hid a camera in her matrimonial bed which she claimed on her returned, she checked the camera and saw a live video of Julie Tombo having an affair with her husband on her bed.

These words of Hawa reacted so many Sierra Leoneans who are still waiting for the video surface to the web to prove back her claims. Housemate Salone Season 3 contestant, Hasanatu Julie Conteh, popularly known as Julie Tombo, reacted to the video gave Hawa 3 hours to released the claimed video. It has taken days now since it happened and the video is yet to be out.

Casada Kitchen who from day one has been in support of Julie Tombo with anger blasted Julie and calling her all sorts of names for her carelessness and stupidity for not taking legal actions against Hawa for definition character, she called it. In the mind’s eye of Casada Kitchen, Hawa Tombo must not go scot free for such allegations, when she knew she had no evidence to effect her claims and ended up tarnishing the hard built character of Julie Tombo.

In her concluding statement, Casada Kitchen dissed Housemate Salone Season 3 show, claiming that without the show, Julie is already a star. “F*ck Housemates Julie is still a winner…” she blasted. She furthered  that, this fight is no longer just for Julie herself and that She (Casada Kitchen) is convinced that Hawa Tombo has a video of her on Hawa’s matrimonial bed because despite all the allegations, she is yet to take legal actions against Hawa. “Sue Hawa to jail…” she continued.